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Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc was incorporated in March 2005, with the aim of producing sturgeon and caviar from the two local Canadian East Coast sturgeon species: Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon. Since 2008 we are processing wild Atlantic sturgeon meat and caviar in a new state of the art CFIA inspected processing plant in Carters Point, NB. Wild sturgeon fishery is certified sustainable by Ocean Wise Life. The Acadian Wild Caviar from wild Atlantic sturgeon is nowadays the only wild, legal and sustainable caviar harvested in the world. Beside caviar we also produce all the sturgeon products and by-products: smoked sturgeon, loins, fillets, cartilage and bone marrow, skins, heads etc. Since 2016 the company is also harvesting from our own growout farm in Charlo, NB shortnose sturgeon and caviar produced in a flow through, gravity fed land-based farm. Two types of world unique farmed caviar are produced here – Acadian Gold and Acadian Green, similar in size and colour with ossetra. We are also raising Atlantic sturgeon but the caviar from this species should be available in 5-7 years from now. We also export live sturgeon for restocking, aquaculture and research in countries around the world. Acadian Sturgeon strategy of producing side by side both wild and farmed caviar and sturgeon is unique in the world and an example of real sustainability and responsible production.