Farmed smoked shortnose sturgeon fillet (skin on, 300-600 g), sold per kg


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Smoked sturgeon is considered to be the King of smoked fish! Sturgeon meat provides all the health benefits of fish, including Omega 3s, while being boneless, mild taste, with a fine and firm texture, is low in sodium and tastes wonderful. We hot smoke the sturgeon fillets traditionally with maple wood. Smoked sturgeon contains no artificial coloring or preservatives. Serve it heated as a main course accompanied by vegetables and sauces, or slice it to use as an appetizer or in a sandwich. Can be also used in salads (instead of bacon - healthier and taste as good!) or in omelets, etc. Farmed shortnose sturgeon has more fat than the wild Atlantic sturgeon and for this reason it is better smoked than the Atlantic wild in our opinion!

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